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Canadian Education

All osteopathic manual therapy institutions the AAOMT accepts in Canada are part-time programs. The graduates are considered type 2 practitioners. 

Type 2 practitioners must have prior education in another health profession before entering the osteopathic manual therapy program. 

At present all our members that have taken a part-time course in Canada are graduates from courses that are 4-5 years in length that include a research component and additional clinical hours supervised by an osteopathic manual therapist. They must also hold, in good standing, another health profession license.

*Please note: As per the World Health Organization Benchmarks for Training in Osteopathy, "training must be delivered via direct contact", therefore, applicants from online schools will not be considered.

To apply click the button below and create your profile/application:

Foreign Education

Osteopathic manual therapy is regulated in several countries and have full-time programs for individuals without prior health care education. This is considered a Type 1 practitioners.

To apply click the button below and create your profile/application:

Student Membership

Students currently studying at an Osteopathic manual therapy institution the AAOMT recognizes may apply for a student membership. A student membership does NOT provide a billing/insurance number.

Please email us directly at if you are interested in applying for an AAOMT student membership.

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Are you an osteopathic manual therapists (or student) and interested in joining the AAOMT?

There are three type of different applications:

1. Full Membership (Canadian Educated)

2. Full Membership (Foreign Educated)

3. Student Membership

The members of the Alberta Association of Osteopathic Manual Therapists are recognized by most extended health care insurance companies.

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